Baking With Vegetables. Chocolate Pumpkin Brownie. Delicious And Healthy!

Baking with vegetables? Hmm…I remember how sceptical I was about making cake with carrot in it! Seriously? Carrot? In a cake? Ughh! Pumpkin brownie? WTF is that? Beetroot chocolate cake? OMG, how can you possibly eat something like that??? Chocolate. I want chocolate. Somebody give me chocolate!!! Pleeeaasseee! Shame on me, but it was me,

Don’t Panic, It’s Not Just A Brownie. It Is Bloody Delicious Chocolate Fudge Brownie With A Cheese Layer!

Hands up who loves chocolate brownie?! That’s what I thought. Everybody loves it. It’s just irresistible. Mouthwatering. Heavenly. Scrumptious. Divine. Gloriously. Yummy… A delicious treat for any day of the week and any time of the day (or night;-)). For everyone. We can find hundreds and thousands variations on the classic chocolate brownie recipe, but